Stefano Ticchiati

My name is Stefano  Ticchiati, I was born in 1974 in La Spezia in the North West of Italy.

I started fishing at the age of six, thanks to my father, practing all types of fishing until the middle of the ninties when I began flyfishing and flytying.

My land is strictly closed between Apennino mountains and the mediterrean Sea, so I began fishing  in rivers and lakes catching brown and rainbow trouts, black bass,pike, grayling and chubs.

Living near the sea, it has been natural for me to improve my technique with saltwater flyfishing and I’ve achieved satisfactory results catching seabass, blufish, pompano fish and little tuna.

I’ve fished in most part of Italy and I’ve travelled and fished to Austria, Swiss, Germany, France , but my favourite land to practice flyfishing is Denmark where I can catch my dream fish: the sea trout.

For these reasons I tie various kind of flies, dry, wet, nymph, streamers, flies for saltwater and sometimes, to have fun, I tie spey flies, salmon flies and Carrie Stevens flies.

I’ve attended at an important tying symposium,” The fly tying experience”, that was held in Vicenza during the most important fishing event in Italy. I’ve attended flytying competitions and the best result I got was in 2015 at the EFFA Championship where I won the first price in steamer category and the second price in dry fly category.

I’m very proud and grateful to have become a Partridge Pro-Team member.