Loris Zecchinello

I was born in 1974 in a little town near Treviso in North East Italy and started fly fishing and fly tying in 1998 at the Anglers Opitergium fly fishing club.

At the end of 2004 I took part to my first fly tying contest. This passion drove me to study the Classic fly dressings and at the same time I have been reading lot of books on entomology.

In 2010 I attended a casting course at SLM fly school (TLT techniques and others), then in 2012 the SLM web site (www.scuolalanciomosca.it) has displayed a full page dedicated to my flies and in the same year at a fly show in Turin (North of Italy) Alberto Salvini and Marica Cicoria filmed three of my dressings for “Pescavventura” program for SkyTV.

In April 2013 the magazine “La Pesca a Mosca & spinning” published my first fly tying article and in 2014 “DRESSING ITALIANO” blog started publishing some step-by-step dressings of my dry flies, nymphs and streamers.

During all these years I have been fly fishing on many Austria's rivers and streams (Steyr, Moll,Traun, Gail, little Draw,Winkeltal and Willgratenbach) and Slovenia (river Kupa).

In Italy I prefer to fish on river Piave and Brenta, and I became expert in fishing on the chalk-streams of my area. (Piavesella, Lia and Meschio) Fly tying is a great passion and I love to tie freshwater and saltwater flies and streamers for predators.

I use mostly natural fly tying material and I love the Italian Style of fly tying. I'm an IFTA member (Italian fly tiers association) and SLM instructor (fly casting school) and I regulary organize casting courses for SLM (fly casting school)and sometimes partecipate as a guest  in fly fishing Clubs

Here after are some of the results of national and international fly tying contest I took part in these years:

 2008  First place to Trofeo Villa Tinin (UDINE, ITALY)

 2009  Third place to Trofeo Villa Guidini (TREVISO, ITALY)

 2010  First place to Trofeo Il Cadore,le dolomitie la P.a.M (Dolomiti,Italy)

 2011  Sixth place to Trofeo Bisenzio (PRATO,ITALY)

 2012  Third place to Trofeo Bogianen (TORINO,ITALY)

 2014  First place to Trofeo Fiume Sarca Tione di Trento(TRENTO,ITALY)

      Second place to Trofeo Alto Brenta  (ROSSANO VENETO, ITALY)

 2015  First place to Trofeo TMC  Riva del Garda (TRENTO,ITALY)

       At 28th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship :

       Fifth place in Nymphs category

       Fifth place in Dry Fly category

       Sixth place in Streamers category

At the German international contest EWF 2015 I got the fourteenth place in Dry fly category and eighth place in  Streamer category.