Niklas Dahlin - My Fly Fishing Event Uppsala Sweden

Wed, 02/12/2015 - 14:26

This past saturday, 21/11 I had my little flyfishing gathering in Uppsala (Sweden), for the seventh year in a row actually. It started with a small little "fishing club thing” 2009, back then I worked at Volkswagen and we had the event in the carshop, and since then until this year the event has grown to become a annual gathering for dedicated flyfishermen and women from near and far. The event is not about quantity and greed, it´s about quality and friendship. As I resigned from my job in the carshop I was slightly worried about what to become of my event. But a few days of thinking got me confidence enough of running the event by myself.  I found a nice little venue and gave it a go, called all the exhibitors and all of them pitched in to help me with funds enough of running the event. 

I was slightly worried that the venue was to be to crowded, and what if the audience wouldn’t find the venue properly etc. Well it got crowded just as expected, but in a good way. The atmosphere was great. We had 35 exhibitors and 12 fly tyers, all of them was busy during the day, happy faces all over the place. As said quality before quantity, it felt like we got ruined over by a truck but we didn’t have much more than ca 350 people visiting us. The main thing was, they were all there during the whole day, talk about dedication. 

After the show we had ou annual dinner with an auction, this year the money went to a project of securing the trout of one of our bigger lakesystems in Sweden, Vättern. We raised ca 5000 pounds..

A special thank you to Partridge and Semperfli for the goodies for the fly tyers, your gifts was greatly appreciated. And if any of my exhibitors, staff or visitors read this.. a huge thank you.