FLY FRIDAY #191 Red Bibio - by Allan Liddle

It might sound a little obvious calling a Bibio ‘red’ but in this case I am simply referring to the head hackle colour which I have altered utilising a deep red dyed guinea fowl feather which offers a good degree of movement or ‘kick’ when fished in a ‘rolling wave’ as well as that little added attraction.

Works especially well on darker ‘peaty’ waters for wild trout as well as migratory fish and also a handy variation to try if you are ‘chasing silver’ around the estuaries, (after all it was originally devised as a seatrout pattern way back in the 1950’s by Major Charles Roberts from the Burrishollie Fishery in Co Mayo to represent the Bibio Pomonae or Heather Fly as we more commonly know it as)

Simple variation of a ‘Modern Classic’ and handy to have in the armoury.


Hook: Partridge L5A Dry Fly Supreme size 8 - 16

Thread: 8/0 Black Uni (Veniard)

Rib: Silver Uni Wire – Fine (Veniard)

Body: Rear and Front Thirds; Black Rabbit Fur Dubbing, Mid Third Scarlet Red Rabbit Fur Dubbing (I much prefer to use rabbit or hare fur instead of the traditional seal fur as I feel it gives a better more natural and slimmer profile, as well as being easier to tie with)

Hackle: ‘Palmered’ Black Cock Hackle 

Head Hackle: Guinea Fowl Dyed Deep Red